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David Alan Dedin

Author, Cartoonist
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David Alan Dedin

Author, Cartoonist

“And the moments of silence in between what is spoken often carry more impact than the importance of words, themselves.”

David Alan Dedin is a fifty-three year old gay man who presently lives in Aurora, a historic Chicago suburb. His late Queen Anne has the best covered-porch & hanging ferns on the block, and he maintains it with an OCD that would frighten Mr. Monk.  His house is spotless.  His yard looks like a Norman Rockwell painting. Dave shares the home with his best friend – a 54 year old goth – and the ghost of a little girl whose parents owned the property from 1941-1972.  (See “Dave’s Haunted House,” on this website.)  

Dave grew up in small-town Illinois – in a time, in a place where homosexuality wasn’t accepted.  He came of age in the early days of AIDS, …

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Write Novels

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​A fast, fun, and fresh revenge comedy, set within the world of restaurant embezzlement.

Create Art


Window artwork for “Get Pop Cultured” month at Barnes & Noble #2106, in 2015.  It’s supposed to be James Patterson, but I didn’t have room for a trench coat.  One bookseller said that James looks like he’s about to throw his Frappuccino at a customer.


Goodbye to Beekman Place is my first novel.  Its publication marks the end of a 14 year writing project, and it’s one of those books that can’t be easily described by a few short paragraphs inside a dust jacket.   

The project walks a fine line between psychological mystery and personal memoir.  I believe that the story of how the book was written is even more important than the novel’s plot, and I sincerely believe that Goodbye to Beekman Place can be read as a case study of undiagnosed schizotypal personality disorder.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to draw.  I have no formal training, but I’ve drawn cartoons since I was a kid.  If you’ve read Goodbye to Beekman Place, you’ll find many mentions of artwork. 

Over the years, I’ve always found a way to utilize drawing in almost every job I’ve held, and this is a small sample of some of the projects I’ve done.   I have a bad habit of giving away my “originals,” so most of these photos are copies of copies of copies…and many of the older ones have a “yellow” tint.  (You’ll see what I mean as you scroll down.)  Please keep that in mind as you view them.

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🎶🎵 “… I came across a cache of old photos and invitations to teenage parties … 🎶🎵
🎶🎵 ​… ‘Dress in white’ one said with quotations from someone’s wife, a famous writer in the nineteen-twenties … 🎶🎵
🎶🎵… When you’re young you find inspiration … in anyone who’s ever gone … and opened up a closing door … 🎶🎵
🎶🎵 ​…  She said we were never feeling bored …” 🎶🎵

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