According to some data from the SBA one-third of businesses fail within their first two years. Here we are not going to talk about the reasons, but we will highlight some tips and tricks for businesses to generate more job leads and stay consistent.

Top 3 Lead Generation Examples

Whether you plan to pay for leads or hire someone, having a business lead generation strategy in place will help your business find potential clients searching for your services or products.

1. Social Media 

Digital Marketing

Social Media, Social Media! Social media is a great start to start promoting your business. Start with a Facebook business page. Create a business page, not a personal page there’s a big difference between the two, when you have your page created with all your business information (Name, Address, Website, Hours, etc.) start creating your business brand by adding your business logo as your profile picture and a nice header image that best illustrates the services you offer. Do the same thing with all the other social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, etc. comment on any other social media platform that you guys use. If you need help or have questions on how to set up these accounts feel free to contact us.

Once you have the basic information, start promoting your services and products by posting good-quality images with eye-catching posts that will engage users to click on your pictures or links. Once you have a few posts promoting your services or products, SHARE SHARE SHARE! Start sharing your business page with friends and family, and have them help you share your business page with their friends, and hopefully in the next few days, your page has a good amount of followers.

Now you have followers! Start engaging with them by posting at least once a day, of course, the more the merrier! Remember is going to take some time to start building your followers, so don’t get discouraged.

Another good tip on how to gain followers is to join online community groups on Facebook Groups, Nextdoor, Meetup, etc. make sure to comment on your favorite online community groups. Make sure you follow us on our social media platforms for tips and tricks.

2. Website

Nice2Link - Responsive

SEO, SEO, SEO! What is SEO?! SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.  To keep it simple is code running on your website to define keywords that will help your website appear on Google searches. For example, if you Google “website design Montgomery IL” Nice2Link, LLC will appear on the top organically (without paying for Google Ads). If you notice, pages that are paying for ads will have “Ad” before their website link.

A website with excellent SEO will rank high on Google in the first few months. Websites that were created for FREE using platforms like Wix, GoDaddy, Squarespace, and Others Dot Not rank on Google or on other search engines. If your website was created for free using one of these platforms, now you know why your clients are not finding your services or products when they search online.

Don’t worry we can help migrate your free website to WordPress and equip it with SEO!

Once your website is equipped with excellent SEO, your website will start generating traffic organically and start ranking on Google. This will lead to users finding your services and products automatically. Now you’ll start getting leads from social media and from your website.

Benefits Of Having a Website

3. Online Advertising 

Google Advertising

Use online advertising to increase website traffic and more lead opportunities. Facebook Ads is a great way to start advertising your business. For this, you need a good quality post that is engaging and clearly displays your website and services or products. Your posts’ insights can help you determine the posts your users are engaging with the most.

Once you have your post for your Ad, make sure to target the right audience. If you don’t target your audience, Facebook will display your Ad randomly to a variety of users generating likes, follows, and comments. If you want to generate leads, make sure you target your audience looking for your services or products by using Facebook Audience Targeting on the advanced settings of your Facebook Ad. When you target the audience, your Ad will display to only users interested in your services or products. This group of users will have a higher conversation rate leading to potential clients instead of likes & follows.

Of course, there’s a lot more that goes to all this, but if you’re just a beginner and you want to start generating more job leads these 3 tips and tricks are a great start.

Make sure to follow us for more tips and tricks or contact us if need assistance generating more leads for your business!

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